An asshole for the forces of good. (unkyrich) wrote in fanatic_hate,
An asshole for the forces of good.

My favorite topic

I promise I'll be posting on a new topic soon.

Anyway, I finally saw what the whole "If you [blank] a woman [other words], don't rape her" thing was all about.

See, this was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. HOWEVER - at the bottom of the article in the link, there's a list of general safety tips.

And if any woman tells me that this is blaming the victim - I do these things myself. I try to avoid dangerous looking areas, I keep aware of my surroundings, I don't get in vehicles with strangers, and I don't let strangers into my home - unless I have a bunch of scary friends over.

This isn't living paranoid - its living smart.

It'll protect you from the crimes that involve strangers. It won't help much for the crimes that involve people you think you should be able to trust. And that's the bigger issue.
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