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It's just strange

Sometimes, it starts because of another conversation in real life - this time with wintersweet. I forgot about it, until the offending post showed up in another friend's journal - that same old saw that I commented on back here.

When I went first went off to university, in the mid-1980s, the idea of teaching women to arm and protect themselves was considered the new approach. Self defense - that was important. Knowing to protect yourself. Knowing how.

And I realized the other issue here - yes, the men are the rapists. In 99.99999999% of the cases. But . . . and this is a big one . . . to only look at how to stop the perpetrators - well, why is this the only crime we do that with? (I mean, yes, I recognize that this is a special crime - one that is very damaging psychologically and physically to the victim.) For almost all other crimes, though, our approach is a combination of protecting yourself from victimization while also trying to stop the mindset of the criminal.

You have to lock your doors to stop your house from being burglarized. It's considered common sense. You would figure (at least I would) that a closed door is enough to say "Hey, don't come in here and take my stuff." You lock your car doors so it is not taken from you. (Again, closed doors and no keys in the ignition are a good sign that they shouldn't take your car.) Not locking your car doors doesn't say "Come take my car." But we still do it - because it's a good idea to protect your possessions.

So why is it okay to be more haphazard in protecting someone's body?

A drunk woman walking down the street at 3 AM in a mini-skirt is NOT saying "come rape me." And it's not her fault if it happens. Get that part straight. But to not prepare her - to not teach her how to protect herself, or even basic street smarts (which protects you from a lot more than rape) - well, there's a failure somewhere.

I guess my question is - when did my viewpoint become the conservative one?

I never thought that would happen. I mean, I know I have some conservative points of view - and I really wanted to write about one of them today - but each time I see that post, I think "Well, nice sentiment. Now give me a real solution. And tell me how, on any planet, that is the sane approach."

Because I honestly don't get it.
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