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Actions vs. Words

Do actions matter more than words?

I've seen all these people who have strong causes and strong beliefs, and I wonder what they do for them. It's one thing to believe something strongly, but another (I think) to actually do something about it.

I realize I don't always speak well. My education is about 20 years out of date, I'm politically incorrect bordering on being vulgar, and I'm not an extremist. That being said, I still believe in acting for what I believe in. Maybe not in grand, sweeping gestures, but in little ways.

For example, I have my strong, strong dislike of Wal*Mart, all their practices, and the like. So I don't shop there. Ever. It's not big - I'm sure they don't miss my money one iota - but to me, it matters.

Or animal rights. I have a strong belief in animal rights - I just don't put animal rights over human rights. Instead, I take care of animals where it is needed - such as the seagull encounter I had over the summer, or the new rat Cil & I adopted. To me, that's a much more important of a way to treat animals ethically than throwing blood at doctors. Or giving money to PETA.

My recent kick in life, one that probably helped spawn this whole community, has been to remember that every person I'm dealing with is a human being. Human beings are fundamentally flawed, but still worthy of some dignity and courtesy. I am getting to the point where I don't grasp intentional rudeness, or mistreatment. I mean, I'm still not a nice guy - I can be polite, but that doesn't always mean I'm some beacon of peace and goodwill when in public - but I can make sure that the people I'm getting all indignant towards are those who really deserve it. And frequently, it's not the poor guy stuck at the register. Or stuck bussing tables.

Even when I get outraged, I make a point to tell the person I'm dealing with "I'm not mad at you, just the situation." (Unless there's good signs that they are the problem.) I'm not sure if this ever helps the situation, but it helps me.

I'm not sure of my point here.

Oh - yeah - is it really more important to do as opposed to say? Or are these now synonymous?

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