lovmelovmycats (lovmelovmycats) wrote in fanatic_hate,

was Thomas Jefferson a pedophile?

By today's standards, well, yeah he was. He had sex with his slave Sally Hemmings, starting when she was 14 years old. It was rape, and since it's not something he would have done to a white girl, it's a hate crime. But should historical figures be judged by today's standards? I think that he should be judged for enslaving people, since he lived at a time when enlightenment thinkers had all ready begun to deem slavery to be morally wrong. Was he a pedophile? He lived at a time when people were thrust into the responibilities and lifestyles of adults at much younger ages. Many girls are physically mature by age 14, and some of them even got married that young in those days.
When today's men admit being attracted to teens, we say "eeww!", and call the girls jailbait. But I don't think their attraction (as long as they don't act on it) is pedophilia. Humbert Humbert was a pedophile. Guys who can't get it up for post pubescent people- they are the definition of pedophile. (Sorry if I'm being sexist by only saying men. I'm just trying to simplify my argument. Yes, women can also be pedophiles.)
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